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JavaScript Plugins & WebComponents

jSuites is a collection of lightweight common JavaScript responsive plugins and web components. It helps to maintain the same codebase for different platforms and devices. It brings a great user experience to any web-based projects.

jSuites brings the developer many advantages, such as:

  • Small and optimized plugins;
  • Different solutions in the same collection;
  • Make rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications;
  • You can easily handle complicated data inputs in a way users are used to;
  • Improve your clients software experience;
  • Create rich and beautiful UI;
  • Lean, fast and simple to use;
  • One code, multiple platform;
  • Consistent great user experience in in different devices;


% npm install jsuites

Or download the source code from our: Github Repository


jSuites includes several common javascript plugins and tools included in various different web based implementations. The collection of plugins are fully and easily integrated with any JS library, and the the components are:

Base package


Copyright and license

This software is distributed as MIT. Contact: