JavaScript Plugins

JavaScript Plugins

jSuites is a compilation of responsive, lightweight JavaScript plugins and web components designed for versatility across various platforms and devices, enhancing user experience in web-based projects. This collection supports maintaining a unified codebase while delivering high-quality user interfaces and applications. Key advantages of jSuites include:

  • Small, optimized plugins for efficient performance.
  • A diverse range of solutions within a single collection.
  • Tools for creating rich, user-friendly web interfaces and applications.
  • Simplified management of complex data inputs, maintaining familiarity for users.
  • Enhanced software experience for clients.
  • Capability to develop sophisticated and attractive UI designs.
  • Streamlined, fast, and easy-to-use components.
  • Unified coding across multiple platforms for consistent development.
  • Uniform, excellent user experience across various devices.


% npm install jsuites

Or download the source code from our: Github Repository

jSuites Release Overview

jSuites is a comprehensive suite of common JavaScript plugins and tools for diverse web-based applications. These plugins are fully compatible and easily integrated with any JavaScript library, offering various components to enhance web development projects.

Base Package Components


  • JavaScript Cropper: Integrate image cropping tools for photo editing and adjustments. Documentation
  • JavaScript Organogram: Visualize hierarchical structures with an organogram chart. Documentation
  • Activity Heatmap: Display user activity with GitHub-style heatmap charts. Documentation

Each component and extension in the jSuites collection is designed to provide developers with versatile, easy-to-integrate solutions for creating rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications.

Copyright and license

This software is distributed as MIT. Contact: