Getting Started with jSuites

jSuites is a free and comprehensive collection of lightweight JavaScript plugins, combining several common tools in a single package to facilitate the acceleration of web application development. It includes a range of features such as spreadsheets, dropdowns, and color pickers, making it a valuable tool for developers aiming to integrate diverse functionalities into their projects seamlessly.

With its user-friendly and cross-platform design, jSuites simplifies the development process, proving to be a crucial asset in contemporary web development.


jSuites is compatible with various frameworks and can be integrated into projects using React, Angular, VueJS, or other libraries. It offers flexible integration options, including NPM, CDN, or direct download to your project folder.


For quick integration, use the CDN method:

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />

NPM installation

To install via NPM, use the following command:

npm install jsuites

Source code (MIT)

The source code is available for access and contribution on GitHub:


Native libraries in the package

jSuites includes a range of native and extended libraries, each providing specific functionalities for web development.

External extended official libraries

There are many extended solutions that will bring specific installation instructions.

Testing jSuites

jSuites employs Jest for testing. Following the cloning of our GitHub project, testing can be initiated using:

npm run test