React component

React cropper component working example


npm i --save @jsuites/react-cropper


import React, { useState } from "react";
import Cropper from "@jsuites/react-cropper";

export default function App() {
  const [url, setUrl] = useState("");

  return <Cropper imageUrl={url} setImage={setUrl} />;

Note: It is necessary to maintain a link in index.html or some other method to use material design icons, such as the following link:



Properties Description
imageUrl: string Initial default image URL
setImageUrl: function(string) Update the image from a URL. CORS must be considered.
area: [number, number] Initial size of the component.
crop: [number, number] Initial size of the cropper handler. NOTE: On small devices, this is not used.
remoteParser: string URL of a remote backend image parser to workaround CORS limitations.
allowResize: boolean Defines whether the size of the image cropping element can be reset by the user.
text: object { extensionNotAllowed:'', imageTooSmall:'' }
onload: function(element: DOMElement) => void Function performed as soon as the component is loaded.
onchange: function(element: DOMElement , image: DOMElement) Function performed when the image is changed.