JavaScript dropdown

Quick reference

Considering the example below:

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />

<div id="dropdown"></div>

var dropdown = jSuites.dropdown(document.getElementById('dropdown'), {
    url: '/docs/large',
    autocomplete: true,
    multiple: true,
    width: '280px',


Method Description; Open the dropdown
dropdown.close(boolean); Close the dropdown
@param int ignoreEvents - Do no execute onclose event
dropdown.getText(); Get the current label(s) from the selected option(s) in the dropdown
dropdown.getValue(); Get the current value(s) from the selected option(s) in the dropdown
dropdown.setValue(string|array); Set a new value(s)
@param mixed newValue - A string value or an array with multiple values in case a multiple dropdown.
dropdown.reset(); Clear all selected options from the dropdown
dropdown.add(); Add a new element to the dropdown
dropdown.setData(mixed); Set the data to load into the dropdown
dropdown.getData(); Get the dropdown loaded data
dropdown.setUrl(string, function); Change the url from which data is obtained.
@param {string} url
@param {function} callback
dropdown.getPosition(string); Get the position of the option owner of the informed value
dropdown.selectIndex(int); Select an item based on its position


Method Description
onopen Trigger a method when the dropdown is opened.
(DOMElement element) => void
onclose Trigger a method when the dropdown is closed.
(DOMElement element) => void
onchange Trigger a method when value is changed.
(DOMElement element, Number index, String oldValue, String newValue, String oldLabel, String newLabel) => void
onfocus Trigger a method when the dropdown get focus.
(DOMElement element) => void
onblur Trigger a method when the dropdown lost focus.
(DOMElement element) => void
onbeforeinsert Before a new item is added.
(Object instance, Object item) => void
oninsert Trigger a method when a new option is added to the dropdown.
(Object instance, Object item, Object dataItem) => void
onload Trigger a method when the dropdown is loaded.
(DOMElement element, Object instance, Array data, String currentValue) => void

Initialization options

Property Description
data: Array Array of items to be loaded into the dropdown
url: string Can be loaded from a external file
multiple: boolean Multiple options
autocomplete: boolean Allow autocomplete
type: string Render type: default | picker | searchbar
width: string Default width
value: string Selected value
placeholder: string Placeholder instructions
newOptions: boolean Enable the add new option controls
lazyLoading: boolean Activate the lazy loading feature
format: 0|1 Format of the data. 0: { text, value }, 1: { id, name }. Default: 0

Dropdown Items

Each option in the dropdown is define by one object and the possible attributes are the following:

Property Description
value: mixed Value of the item. Default format.
text: string Label of the item. Default format.
id: mixed Value of the item. Can be used when the property format = 1
value: string Label of the item. Can be used when the property format = 1
title: string Description of the item
tooltip: string On mouse over instructions
image: string Icon of the item
group: string Name of the group where the item belongs to
synonym: array Keywords to help finding one item
disabled: boolean Item is disabled
color: number Color for the item
icon: string Material icon keyword